The Bursaries

The trust made bursaries available for the first time in January 2007 and these are available annually thereafter. The bursaries will be made with the intention of recognising and rewarding promising junior research students.

The trust has about £10,000 per annum to distribute. The Selection Committee has discretion to set the amount of the individual bursaries. It may distribute the money to more than one student and it may withhold funding if no suitable candidates present themselves. A recipient in one year may apply for subsequent years but there is no guarantee of a repeat award being made. The bursary is made without constraints on what the applicant might spend it on. The trust has supported a variety of students; from those requiring funds to cover living expenses through to those wanting to purchase a data set or travel to a conference.


  • Solomon Ezra (Chair)
  • Yinnon Ezra
  • David Reeves
  • Richard Parr
  • Sarah Lemarie
  • Richard Matthews
  • Paul Davison