The Purpose of the Fund

The Rabin Ezra Scholarship Trust has been set up with the purpose of making available bursaries for post-graduate students. Dr Rabin Ezra was an undergraduate at Queen Mary and Westfield College in the late 1980s and then went on to obtain his PhD in 1994 in the Department of Computer Science. He specialised in computer graphics, and continued to an eminently successful career at Canon Research Europe, Criterion Software and finally Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in London. Rabin passed away on Monday, June 27th 2005 while he was in Malta on company business, after having been taken ill with pneumonia.

Uma Ezra, Rabin’s mother and the “mother of this Scholarship” as one of its founders, passed away on 11th November 2015, a day after her 83rd birthday. Uma was hugely passionate about this Scholarship and it continues on in her memory, as well as Rabin’s.

Conditions For Application

The applicant will be a post-graduate student studying full-time for a PhD or equivalent level degree. The applicant will be studying at a UK institution. Applicants may be of any nationality, but must be resident in the UK during their studies. They must have started the course already. Note that the applicant must have met any financial commitments that the institution requires in order to start the course. Applicants should therefore not rely on receiving or continuing to receive the bursary if this would impact the financial viability of their continuing. The applicant will normally have at least a full year of their course of study remaining. Students planning to submit within a year will not be prioritised though they may apply.

The trust will support students in any area of computer science or information technology. However, because of Rabin’s own research interests, the selection committee will favour applicants in computer graphics-related areas. The applicant need not be in a computer science department.

Expectations of Recipients

The recipient is expected to write a two page report on their research progress and present this to the Selection Committee, Board of Trustees and invited guests, approximately one year after receiving the bursary. If the recipient leaves their studies without successful completion within a year after receiving a bursary, the trust may request that the bursary be refunded in part so that another student can be supported. The recipient will be expected to acknowledge the trust in written work and oral presentation of research that was completed when a recipient of a bursary.